Party / Event Hire

Want something different at your next Party or event? How about getting a braider in?

Game of braids can cater to all your party hair needs. We also offer hair and face glitter on request.


$100/ hour for one braider.
$160/ hour for two braiders.
Minimum 2 hours event hire.

Travel fee: $50 if you are 0-30kms from Girrawheen. $75 if you are 30-75kms from Girrawheen.

These prices include the braids, hair extensions (upon request), hair rings (upon request), biodegradable hair and face glitter (upon request) and a small gift for the birthday girl or boy (for birthday events).


How many people can you braid per hour?

When we do events/ parties we usually offer a selection of 6 simple braids to choose from (see pic above and below). On average we can do 5-8 people per hour without extensions and 3-5 people per hour with extensions.

It’s my birthday/ event, can I get something a bit more elaborate than everyone else?

Yes! We usually do something a bit more elaborate on the birthday girl/ boy/ event holder. This style can be discussed beforehand and then it is recommend we arrive before the party starts to do your hair so when people start arriving you already look fabulous and are ready to party and mingle with your friends and guests.
For example: A super popular option is the 2x Dutch braids with extensions. This style usually takes around 45-60 minutes to do, so if your party starts at 3pm, it would be best to book us from 2/2:15pm so your hair is done by the event start time.

I want all my guests to be able to get something more elaborate than the simple styles you offer, can you do that?

Yes this can be arranged for sure! Just flick us a message to our Game of Braids Facebook page or email us at to discuss other options.

What if my event is less than 2 hours long?

We can still come, but you will still be charged for 2 hours worth of work 🙂

Awesome! Now how do I book?

Yay! When you are ready to book please send us a message to our Game of Braids Facebook page or email with:
– Your name
– Email address
– Phone number
– Preferred day and time for your event/ party (and if this is flexible)
– The suburb the event/ party will be in

Please note: A deposit will be required to lock in your booking.

What are the styles I can choose from?

These are the usual style we have to choose from: