Frequently Asked Questions

How should I have my hair when I arrive for my appointment?

Please do not wash your hair before your appointment. Braids go in nicer, look better and last longer on hair that has some natural oil in it.

Dry shampoo is fine to use.

Please arrive with your hair brushed/ free of knots.

How long do braids last?

Technically they will last forever, the real question is “How long will they look good for?”

This depends on what style you are getting to start with:

Loose styles usually only last a day or 2.

Fishtail styles can last up to a week.

Other braids have been known to last 4+ weeks.

It also depends on your hair and how you sleep.

If you come with freshly washed/ fluffy hair they aren’t going to last as long. Braids last a lot longer on hair that has natural oil in it.

Sleep is another big factor, if you roll around a lot/ are a restless sleeper the braids are going to get messier/ fluffier quicker.

Sleeping on a silk pillow case has been known to help. We also sell “Silky hair wraps/ Durags” instore and online, these are recommended for sleeping in to help protect the braids and make them last longer.

How much are the braids?

Most styles are around $50 – $150, you can find more info on pricing via the BOOK NOW tab at the top of our website.

What hours are you open? Where are you located?

Bec works from home in Girrawheen.

There is a rough outline of the hours she is available here.

Who are the kids in all your photos?

The baby boy is Bec’s son, Wesley, and the gorgeous girls are the girls Bec has been Nannying for, for the past 10 years. They are also the reason Bec is so good at braiding, she’s had many years practicing on them!

How old is Game of Braids?

Game of Braids was started in early 2015.

Are you a hairdresser?

No. Bec has had no professional training. She is a self taught braider. Game of Braids is a registered business though.

Do you cut/ colour/ wash/ blow dry hair etc?

No. Bec only does braids. She will curl or straighten hair for an extra fee, but please make sure to mention if you want this when making your booking so enough time can be left for your appointment.

Do you add in extra hair/ extensions?

Yes! Bec has recently learned how to add in extra hair. You can view these options via the BOOK NOW tab at the top of our website. Extension colours are available for viewing in our SHOP.

Can you braid my hair if I have extensions in?

It is possible. Bec has braided hair with all different types of extensions in before.
Some styles are not possible though with some types of extensions.
Sometimes it’s not always possible to completely hide the extension as well. Please mention if you have extensions when booking in the booking notes.

Do you do collaborations?

Yes, Bec loves meeting and working with new people.

You can contact Bec preferably by Instagram DM or by email to discuss this further.

Bec’s email is

Please allow a few days for a response via email as it is not checked frequently.

Please no hair bookings via email or Instagram.

Bec takes hair appointments online or via her Game of Braids Facebook page.

For more info on booking a hair appointment see the BOOK NOW tab at the top on the website.


Who does your hair colour?

Hair goddess Stevie Vincent. Find her Instagram here and Facebook here.




Have other questions you’d like to see in this section? Please message us on our Facebook page, always happy to hear how we van make things easier for you 🙂